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All Aspects of professional tree care, including stump grinding & tree planting in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Berkshire

Tree Care Strategy

The tree is a complex organism and requires careful management decisions by professional arborists to remain healthy and vital.

The soil in which it grows, which must contain viable quantities of water, trace elements, nutrients, organic matter and oxygen, as well as beneficial fungi called mycorrhizae, these have a symbiotic relationship with the trees fine feeder roots and help to absorb water and nutrients.

If the soil at the base of a tree is disturbed or compacted, this delicate balance can be lost and the tree will show signs of stress.

A stressed tree is open to infection by various pathogens, which increase stress by causing dysfunction and or decay in roots, stem or cambium and ultimately killing the tree and or causing it to become structurally unsafe.

A professional arborist will be able to identify any visible pathogens on or around the tree, and advise how this will affect the tree, and what actions should be taken to control the situation.

Trees grow in all shapes and sizes, and the growth habit or structure can tell a trained professional a great deal about the strength and internal features of the tree, this can provide vital safety information and is important for tree management.

The size and colour of the leaves, growth rate, and quantity of deadwood within the canopy and where this deadwood is situated can all provide information to help determine what is actually happening within or around the tree.

As professionals we are able to interpret the above features and come up with a solution to any tree problems found, this may anything from tree feeding to aeration of the soil, tree thinning or reduction, dead wooding, crown lifting or in worst cases tree removal or felling.

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