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All Aspects of professional tree care, including stump grinding & tree planting in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Berkshire

Professional Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery / Pruning - Crown Thinning, Crown Reduction, Crownlifting, Deadwooding.

Tree surgery in Bucks and Herts is J & D Clark Treework Specialists particular expertise, with great care being taken to insure a natural balanced well shaped tree, pruned as is suitable for the continued health of its particular species.

We take great pride is all our tree surgery, and gain great satisfaction from viewing an expertly pruned tree.

Some Veteran trees with high amenity value require extra support, usually after pruning to help hold their suspect structures together.

Cable Bracing

This is performed using specialist equipment fitted in bespoke installations to suit the nature of the tree's weakness. This is non invasive and causes no wounds to the tree. It basically involves the fitting of high strength flexible slings around the stems or branches, these are then connected together with wire cables and secured with rope grips.

We provide free quotations and advice, with no job too large or too small

Please see below some examples of our work: